Our team, at Next Degree Communications Company, comprises of tech-savvy business solutions providers. We are always in the quest to find customizable systems, which are economical, reliable, and powerful.

Vertical Summit – Traditional Phone System

To offer reliable traditional phones setup, we use the versatile Vertical Summit™ Unified Communications (UC) platform. As a simple phone system, our Vertical Summit-based solutions are cost-effective and add up to your bottom-line business benefits.We can help you migrate from an analog to IP for true mobility at a fraction of cost when compared to other solutions.We aim to give you all the standard features that you need. This way you can communicate and collaborate seamlessly wherever your business takes you.
One-touch call transfer.

Call recording.

Caller ID.

Music on hold.
Integrated applications.

Advanced voice workflows.

Automated routing
through a multi-level auto attendant.
A robust call routing engine.

Voice mail with email notification.

Ability to extend your workflow beyond the phone.

We take projects of all sizes

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About iPECS

iPECS Cloud delivers enterprise telephony features to your business as a hosted cloud service. iPECS Cloud is a single vendor solution with phones, services, and connectivity, delivered by Vertical Communications.

A Smart Solution

Whether you have 100 employees in one office or one million users, iPECS Cloud makes your business smarter by offering intelligent call workflows, unified communications, and more.Please speak to our experts to understand how to implement an iPECS Cloud for your business.
Cloud PBX
Business Phone Systems



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